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Opening the doors of Big Data Innovation

When I first got into this business, it was enough to figure out how many widgets were sold in a particular region. Now, companies want to know how many widgets were sold in a particular region, in a certain color, to a specific customer, 10 minutes ago. Or, even better, they want to be able to predict the result before it happens. This takes a different approach to information—one that requires IT and business people to be in lockstep before opening the data floodgates....

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The 5 Laws of Big Data Startup Analyst Briefings

These Big Data Laws are written for the entertainment and perhaps education of vendors who are in this market and are briefing the analyst community about their solution. I Hope it helps and makes you laugh just a little bit.

Law #1 - The heavier the marketing message the lighter the technology.

Companies that lead with buzz words and marketing blather generally are struggling to deliver on the technology front. Decide early if you want to sell a marketing message or an innovative technology that will solve enterprise challenges. Sell the value not the message and stay away from marketing slogans like - Hadoop is Free!! (My POV - Its free like a puppy.)

Law #2 - The proper answer to the question "How many customers do you have?" is a numeric value.

The improper answer is anything that doesn't start with a number. The worst answer is a long convoluted narritive on how you are serving the needs of many industry segments while focusing on premier client penetration thru value added partner channels within high opportunity niche markets...blah blah blah. If you can't or won't provide a number I already know its less than 10 and I'm nervous it might be zero. I can't recommend you to my clients if I think they might become an experiment.

Law #3 - You are not the first, you are not the only and do have competitors.

Statements like these make analysts crazy and we come away thinking that you don't really understand the competitive terrain or the market in general. Steer clear of these types of declarations and focus on how you provide value and solve real business problems. (See Law #1 for clarification)

Law #4 - Analysts already know Big Data is really, really, really big and so do your prospects.

The size of today's data is old news. I already know what a Petabyte, Zettabyte and a Yottabyte are. I know about machine data, dark data, The Internet of Things, social data and sensor data. Big Data is about opportunities, being able to do workloads we could only dream of doing years ago at a speed and economic level that now makes it practicle. Educate us on what your company does and how you do it, lets skip the part where you explain how the world produces more data daily than the contents of the Library of Congress.

Law #5 - A connector to Hive is not a comprehensive Big Data strategy.

Hive is an interesting access point to Hadoop data, the ability to pass SQL into Hive opens the door for some interesting functionality but its not a comprehensive Big Data feature set. Hive is the low hanging fruit of Hadoop interaction and was the starting point for many vendors who needed/wanted to add a Big Data marketing message to their go-to-market strategy. (See Law #1 for clarification)

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I'm All in on Big Data Powering Poker

I'm not much of gambler but I do enjoy playing Texas Hold'em when I visit Las Vegas. I like tournaments at least I know how much I stand to lose when I start and sometimes I end up in the money. I cover Big Data as a topic and I am finding more and more use cases where it fits in the Gambling and Hospitality sector.

Poker is a data driven game and stratgies to win are something that can be learned and modeled. So, its not surprising to see that a leading online poker company is using AI, neural networks and billions of pokers hands (data) to create the ultimate  big data driven poker bot. 

Check out this great article on Forbes Poker Bots Bet on Big Data Strategy for more details. Its an interesting use case and author Paul Sonderegger does and excellent job of melding the systems ability to play poker with more mainstream applications of Big Data driven analytics.